Infertility in Men

It’s hard when a married couple makes all sorts of plans and wake up one day realizing that they are unable to bear children.  Women are the ones most commonly affected by infertility, but according to statistics, one-third of the time, men are the ones affected.  Current statistics show that around 6% of men between 15 and 50 are infertile.  There are many risk factors which may predispose one to being infertile.  Some of these factors are testicular trauma, delayed or advanced puberty, history of genital infection, mumps occurring after onset of puberty, heavy alcohol and drug abuse, unfavorable and toxic working conditions, certain drugs and certain congenital conditions.

It’s Usually about the Sperms

Sperm cells, to be able to reach and penetrate the egg cell should be mature, adequate in amount and should have good motility.  Problems arise when one or more of these properties are failed to be met.  Infertile men usually have sperms that are immature, abnormal in shape, lacks good motility, too few or not produced at all!  Many factors lead to these conditions.  Some of which are anatomical, hormonal, genetic, immunological, environmental or lifestyle related in nature.


Low Sperm Count


Among the many causes of infertility, the most common is having low sperm counts.  The vagina is acidic.  This kills the sperm on their way to the egg cell.  This is the reason why millions of sperm is required to reach that single egg cell though only one sperm cell is required to fertilize it.  Sperm production is done in the scrotum.  This is because they are unable to survive in the high temperature of the body.  When the scrotum is always brought closer to the body or if the man is working in a generally hot place like cooks, drivers and factory workers, the sperms are exposed to higher temperature and they are destroyed.  This is the most common cause of low sperm counts.  Also, chronic alcoholism, emotional stress, infections and blockage somewhere along the passageway are also causes of low sperm counts.  Frequent sex also depletes your supply of sperms.  This is when you use them up faster than your body can make them.

I’m Not Sure

Instead of playing the blame game, it is best that both you and your wife get checked.  The most common diagnostic test for determining infertility in men is the Multiple Semen Analysis.  In this test, at least two semen samples are sent to the laboratory on separate days. 

 The semen is examined for characteristics such as volume, consistency, and alkalinity.  The sperms are examined for their number, morphology or shape and their motility.  Infertility is not always permanent.  There are always other ways for you and your partner to have children and build a family.

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