Abortion Society’s biggest problem today is the issue on abortion.  Abortion has been one of the biggest debated issues in countries where life is considered sacred and needs to be preserved.  Let us understand the essence of abortion, its worth to morality and its effect to society.

Abortion and Its Effect on Society

When we talk about abortion, we often consider it as an immoral act that is corrupting the lives of innocent beings (fetuses) and depriving them of the chance to build a life in this world.  Medically speaking, abortion is defined as a terminated pregnancy before the age of viability.  Abortion is somewhat different with miscarriage.  Abortion is termination of life by mechanical or chemical means.  Usually an abortus or the dead fetus weighs only 500 g during its 20th week.

Abortion in a Legal Perspective

About 10 to 15 percent of pregnant women experience miscarriages because of natural causes but when we speak of abortion, it is a planned termination of pregnancy.  It is considered illegal in most Catholic countries like the Philippines, but there are few abortive procedures which can be considered legal.  These procedures intend to save threatened lives of mothers and babies.  This is called therapeutic or induced abortion.  These are the following reasons for therapeutic abortion.  First of all, it is likely used to terminate pregnancy that involves fetus with chromosomal abnormalities after amniocentesis.  It is also done to save a woman’s life in case she has any cardiovascular diseases or other health problems.  Some women choose to undergo therapeutic abortion if they are not ready to become parents or they became pregnant because of rape.

How is abortion performed?  Abortion can be done chemically or mechanically.  To induce abortion, a physician will prescribe a progesterone antagonist which prevents implantation of the fertilized egg and stimulates uterine contraction.  A woman who wishes to have abortion can submit to surgical measures.  Dilatation and curettage is a way to mechanically remove the fetus from the uterus using a vaginal speculum inserted to the opening of the cervix and a curette to remove the fetal parts.

Society is gradually accepting the significance of abortion.  Most countries especially the western countries conform to the legalization of abortion, but still, this opens to more arguments which require greater attention.  Therefore, responsible parenthood and awareness is the primary solution to lessen the incidence of abortion.  There will be more time to plan and less people will be affected by the consequences that abortion may bring.


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