Men really get Pregnant

Can Men really get Pregnant?


Transgender man, Thomas Beatie got artificially inseminated.  He and his wife Nancy, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  On that show and obstetrician declared that their baby was totally healthy and ultrasound was also performed. 


At that time Beatie was 34 years old and six months expecting a baby girl.  He says “It’s a human desire.  And I’m a person, and I have the right to have my own biological child.”  Him and his wife Nancy was married for five years.  Nancy tried to have a baby for two years, but she couldn’t due to endometriosis. 



What Teratoma and Men Pregnancy?


On a Times Magazine there was an issue where cancer specialist announced a method to detecting a teratoma of the testicle.  This is a monstrous kind of pregnancy in men. 


Men might get the elements of muscle, skin, hair, cartilage and organs which make up a baby.  This monstrosity grows near the testicle.  Teratoma is not dangerous but it might burst into a rage of growth into cancer. 


This cancer spreads it bud through system as it grows so it is important to get x-ray and castration to abort it.


Dr. Russell Sweetser Ferguson in Manhatttan’s Memorial Hospital figured out how to test teratomata in men.  Female produce two types of hormones when they get pregnant Prolan A and Prolan B, men with teratomata produce the same hormones.  It detects a testicular monstrosity within three weeks of getting the teratomata. 


It is easy to detect when the Teratoma is in its more primitive faetal elements, because it gives a stronger hormone.  The “Adult” tumours because they are fully formed body parts it give weak reactions. 

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