Denial of Pregnancy

Denial of Pregnancy

Denial of Pregnancy is a rare condition wherein a pregnant woman is unknown to his
pregnancy, perhaps, sometimes, she doesn’t aware about her pregnancy until she
starts her labor pain. This looks strange, but it happens rarely with almost
one in 500 pregnancy conditions. The reasons for such dissimilarity are yet
unknown but researchers consider some hormone imbalance within a woman’s body
that deprives her to feel any symptom of her pregnancy. It’s not uncommon
nowadays for anyone to unaware about her pregnancy until 20 weeks passed by,
coz women take it as the delayed menses while actually, they’re being pregnant.
Pregnancy denial can be classified into three categories: Affective Denial,
Pervasive Denial, and Psychotic Denial. Apart from these three forms, pregnancy
denial can have other biological or psychological disorders, which deprive her
feeling her pregnancy symptoms.

Affective Denial

Affective Denial
is a stage when a woman doesn’t feel any maternal changes in her body, neither
she mentally feels anything like pregnancy. Perhaps, these women do not change
their lifestyle or apparent look to disguise them as pregnant. However, these
women are sometimes aware of their pregnancy but their internal body’s hormones
never let them express their pregnancy. This phenomenon usually finds in
working women who spend most of their time working, so their body gradually
develops these hormones.

Pervasive Denial


Pervasive Denial
of pregnancy is another pregnancy condition wherein a woman doesn’t not feel
any or little physical signs about her pregnancy, i.e., she doest not gain
weight, continues bleeding, doesn’t change her food habits, and, etc.
Responsible hormones, sometimes, do not change the physical appearance of a
pregnant woman. Though, it’s a rare condition yet it is rather common among
working women. Pervasive Denial is not a rare finding among those women who
used to physically active since their childhood, and so, their internal
hormones conceal their pregnancy symptoms without any adverse effect to their

Psychotic Denial


Psychotic Denial
is something wherein pregnancy symptoms are misunderstood for something else,
like ulcer, clot, or other diseases that cause similar side effects. These
women, sometimes, never know about their pregnancy until their labor pain
starts. This is preferably happened with women of urban or rural areas where
medical science’s latest techniques are not accessible. In developed countries,
Psychotic Denial is very rare to find coz those women regularly use various
pregnancy test kits to find about their pregnancy.



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