False Pregnancy (cover: Causes, Testing, treatment)

False Pregnancy, as its name suggests, is a conditional found among few women wherein they feel the symptoms of pregnancy while actually they’re not pregnant. This is a rare condition found in humans, however, is commonly found among other mammals, like dogs, cats, mice, etc. Under false pregnancy, body creates some hormones separations similar to what use to happen in a real pregnancy; hence woman starts feeling like if she is pregnant. Till date, the reasons known for False Pregnancy are hormones imbalance within some women, preferably, those who’re actively involved in physical hard work. False Pregnancy is not a women’s only disorder, coz sometimes; it’s also found among men. Rarely, some men start feeling pregnancy symptoms while they know it can’t be possible.


False Pregnancy, or pseudocyesis, is basically in existence since ages, and everyone is aware of it, yet the real factors are still unknown. However, widely accepted reasons relate to psychological factors than physical, i.e., it’s normally because of the false assumption of mind to be pregnant which could be coz of a woman’s desperate desire to have a baby. It is fairly common among women who are infertile or have gone through repeated miscarriages; these women themselves develop an internal desire to get pregnant, and, sometimes, their mind starts building a false feeling and her body starts changing accordingly.

Sometimes, it happens spontaneously to a woman who never desired to be pregnant. These are the cases of change in internal endocrine system that starts creating a false havoc.


A doctor investigating a false pregnancy may scan the abdominal via ultrasound to hear the heartbeat of the fetus. He or she may also scan woman’s pelvic and uterus, even though, sometimes, abdominal and pelvic examination does not clearly rule out a pregnancy then further blood and fetus heartbeat tests are carried out.


Since, a False Pregnancy is actually nothing, so it doesn’t require a medical treatment either. However, when a woman assumes her pregnancy for months and suddenly comes to know she is not, it can shatter her metal balance, so her family and friends need to take care of her to avoid any metal stress. In many cases, doctors do not inform a woman about her false pregnancy straight away, instead they gradually let her aware about her false symptoms. Sometimes, some antibiotics are advised to avoid further body infection due to reversing the pregnancy symptoms.

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