Hormones & Emotions

Hormones & Emotions (Postpartum Blues/Depression)

Hormones & Emotions Postpartum Blues: 


Mood swings, anxiety, unexplained crying and irritability are all caused by the hormonal changes taking place, as well as the lack of sleep. 

This usually happens between the second and tenth day after birth.  These feelings are normal and pass quickly. 


Try to get as much rest as possible


Go ahead and cry- don’t try to keep your feelings in.  Talk to someone about your feelings your partner, friend or nurse. Be realistic. Don’t try too much.   

You and your baby come first.  Housework and entertaining can wait.  


Recognizing Signs of Post Partum Depression


If you don’t feel better about life by two weeks after delivery, call your doctor, midwife or public health unit for help.  Approximately 10 – 20% of all mothers develop postpartum depression.  This is quite different from the “baby blues”.   

Signs and symptoms of postpartum depression include: 


  • Strong feeling of sadness or guilt
  • Difficulty sleeping even when tried
  • Crying all the time
  • Sleeping all of the time, even when the baby is awake
  • Unable to eat, even when hungry
  • Not able to eat because of poor appetite or feeling unwell
  • Worrying about the baby too much
  • Panic attacks
  • Feelings of anger toward the baby
  • Thoughts about harming the baby or yourself 


If you have any of these signs, get help right away.     

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