Pregnancy Over Age 50

Pregnancy has always been considered a natural phenomenon to happen within a woman’s body that caused by the fertilization of women cells naturally – or via IVF. But women body’s egg cells are limited by nature, and so; they tend to reduce to nil by the age a woman reaches to 50. However, eggs reduction speed is quite different in every woman, and that’s why some women can conceive even after reaching their mid age. Besides eggs, modern fertilization techniques like IVF have also increased the chances for an old woman to get pregnant as she could have in her mid 20s or 30s. If, somehow, a woman gets pregnant after she has passed her menopause stage or stopped her regular maturational period, she still has almost similar chances for a successful pregnancy as a typical young woman. Apart from others, post 50 pregnancies have similar symptoms and signs as a regular pregnancy, yet there are certain risks associated with a pregnancy post 50, like miscarriage, high BP, or low birth rate among others.

Contemporary Lifestyle

Today, women are more subjected to their career orientation, so, sometimes; they themselves prefer not to get pregnant till a specific age. Secondly, new IVF techniques have made it easier for an old age woman to get pregnant and have a healthy baby even after crossing 50s. While some argue against old aged pregnancies citing the chances of inferior well care of yet to come baby. Whatever is the reason, it’s always pleasant if someone gets her first pregnancy symptoms, even if she has crossed her half way mark. Traditional women’s lifestyles never grow the chances of later aged pregnancies as their bodies gradually fade away uterus ability to develop a baby after a specific age.

Extra Care

As told, post 50 pregnancies have a greater risk of miscarriages and an unhealthy baby, so they’re required to undergo sonography tests regularly that could elaborate the well being of the fetus. Due to age factors, too many hormones supplements are also not advisable; perhaps, doctors prescribe as much natural care as possible avoiding any chance for added supplements to reversibly affect the woman or her baby. Another important area of consideration is that these later age pregnancies have greater chances of being developed in fallopian tubes or somewhere else apart from uterus – called Ectopic pregnancy. So, a great care is advisable and any sign of abnormal abdominal cramping, pink gray vaginal discharge, unknown bleeding should immediately be brought into the doctor’s notice.

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