22 Weeks of Pregnancy

Up to 26 Week of Pregnancy

 22 Weeks of PregnancyYour baby is growing taller and stronger, while her movements are becoming more complex.  She is also showing signs of sensitivity, awareness, and intelligence.  A baby is legally viable if born after 24 weeks of pregnancy and may survive with specialized neonatal intensive care. 



Your Baby’s Progress 



She is still red and skinny, but she will soon start to put on weight.   Any extensive wrinkling of the skin is caused by a lack of subcutaneous fat and a relative abundance of skin. Her body is growing faster than her head, and by the end of this month her proportions are approximately those of a newborn.  Her arms and legs have their normal amount of muscle, her legs and body are in proportion, and the center of her bones is beginning to harden. 


The lines start to appear on the palms of her hands.  The brain cells she will use for conscious thought now start to mature, and she begins to be able to remember and learn (in one experiment, babies in the uterus were trained to kick in response to a specific vibration). The genitals are now completely differentiated; if the baby is a boy, testosterone-producing cells in the testes increase in number. 






Your baby can hear sound frequencies that are beyond your range; she moves more in response to high frequencies than to low ones and moves her body in rhythm with your speech.  Starting this month, she will respond to drum beats by jumping up and down.  Some mothers report having to leave concerts because their unborn babies would not settle down. 


If she hears a piece of music frequencies she may discover that when she is grown up it is familiar to her- even if she can’t remember ever hearing it.  Some musicians have said that they “knew” unseen pieces of music and later discovered that their mother played them during pregnancy. She can also learn to recognize her father’s voice from this month onward. 


A baby whose father talks to her while she is in the uterus can distinguish father’s voice in a roomful of people immediately after she is born and will respond to it emotionally for example, if she is upset, she may stop crying and calm down. 





Inside her lungs, air sacs are forming in ever-increasing numbers.  They will continue to increase until eight years after birth.  Around them, the blood vessels that will help her absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide are multiplying. 


In addition, her nostrils have now opened, and she is beginning to make breathing motions with her muscles, so her system will have plenty of breathing practice before she is born.

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