Teaching Your Baby

When to Start Teaching Your Baby

Teaching Your BabyWhile the baby is in the womb it starts to learn about its environment after about six months of pregnancy when it is capable of hearing external sounds. When it comes to external environment, you are in a position to have some influence even from the early stage of development. Music is proven stimulation to babies which stimulates their brain and senses. The volume of music if its loud then she can hear clear and react inside and mother feels the joy of pain. Later after the birth of the baby, when the same music is played she would be reacting to it as good as per the musical tastes.


The main aim we are telling here is that the babies should get familiar with the outside world environment… The other noise where babies can react is vacuum cleaner, Mixer grinder, etc Every minute, there are new brain cells being formed in the unborn child. And as the new brain cells are being formed, pathways or circuits are being formed along the lines that help assist communication for whatever the child the needs. For example, the child will obviously need to breathe, the child will need to move when he is born, the eyelids will need to open and close; so all these organs and all the nervous tissue that supply these organs has to start developing long before birth.


Tips to shape your child’s future:

1. Converse with your unborn baby one of the simplest ways for you to do that is to start communicating with your baby as if he or she is already present with you. Treat your baby as a conscious being. Begin talking, singing or even humming to your baby. This will help them get used to your voice and begin to recognize language formations.


2. Think about your baby. Although your baby is not physically present with you at this moment, you can still think about him now and about the time when you would meet soon. Your baby will be able to sense your loving thoughts and this will provide him with a sense of comfort, love and stability.


3. Use daily experiences to prepare your baby for life after birth The prenatal experience is all about preparing your baby for life after birth. So it is only fitting that you use normal, everyday experiences to share with your baby. It is all about showing your baby your lifestyle and the world that he will be born into. Make an experience out of the little activities in your daily life. Talk about your experiences to your baby no matter how mundane or ordinary it may seem to you.


Remember, what seems ordinary to you is certainly not ordinary for your baby


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